Welcome to the Gene Technologies Laboratory...

The Gene Technologies Laboratory (GTL) is a second generation CORE facility. Its predecessor, the Advanced DNA Technologies Laboratory, was established in 1984 to facilitate DNA sequencing and DNA synthesis. The GTL is a non-profit, core facility supported by the TAMU Department of Biology and the Institute of Developmental and Molecular Biology.


The GTL will close on the 31st of March

Due to lack of institutional support and personnel changes, the GTL will officially close on March 31, 2017. To ensure an orderly shutdown, the last day the GTL can accept samples for sequencing will be Friday, March 24.

Data on the GTL Server and Sequencher will remain available until August 31, 2017. We recommend that data be downloaded as soon as possible.

IDT orders will continue, with no change to the the existing process. After March 31, please contact the Biology Department Stockroom (101 BSBE) for picking up orders and assistance.

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The goal of the GTL is to provide a center for biotechnology that offers state-of-the-art instrumentation and technical expertise. Services available through the GTL include the following: